Oksana Nachataia. “Tropism of natural ingredients of TCM”.

Everything is interconnected in nature. Every manifestation of life has a specific purpose and reason. All living beings on the planet constitute a single matter, and one cannot exist without the other. Bacteria, fungi and plants are able to take qi directly from the sun, air, soil and water. Then they become food for other organisms. Thus food chains are formed. That is one living organism – it is food for another living organism. Just one living organism – it is a medicine for another.

 What is a tropism? Biochemical substance of the one organism, for example plant, (or, at least an inorganic substance) is perfectly suited for some concrete biochemical process in another organism. As the key to the lock. Western medicine in the last 30 years, only closer to the realization of tropism, creating, for example, selective drugs that act on specific receptors or targeted therapy.

In Chinese medicine tropism presented extensively and in detail. Professor Wei Yu Qi singled out several options tropism laws, as well as the mechanisms of action of herbs that are based on the observation of natural processes in the environment. More precisely, the principle of “look similar”.

  1. The substances with a similar action. For example, an earth worm has the effect of Tong Luo. It improves the patency of the meridian, eliminate obstacles to the passage of nerve impulses, treats the effects of stroke, injuries, contractures, adhesions and the like. What does a worm in nature? He has the ability to penetrate tunnels in hard soil. Its obvious similarity of properties in both cases. Obviously, the worm has certain biochemical substances that provide these properties. These substances work in humans.
  2. Substances with the opposite effect. For example, a group of ingredients absorbable seal. It is used in the body for sucking the different nodes, benign tumors, seals, hematomas, for the treatment of cirrhosis, with increasing size and compaction liver and spleen tissue. This group of ingredients is represented mainly by ingredients with solid properties. For example, the shells of mollusks, shells of turtles, very hard tubers of some plants. How does it work? Let’s imagine a turtle grows and development in nature. The processes of “curing” her body happens actively, as well the formation of armor, tough body skin. However, this process must be controlled by something. Otherwise, uncontrolled curing will cause the turtle just turn into stone. According to the assumptions of Professor Wei Yu Qi it is the “substance – controllers” or “anti-substances” which work in the human body, dissolving nodes, tumors and seals. This is a real challenge for researchers. To identify these anti-substances is a means to understand the processes underlying the therapeutic effects of the natural ingredients of TCM.

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To live in unity with nature.

To live in unity with nature” is a commonplace which elicits a certain range of associations. For example, buying clothes or furniture made of natural materials only. Or inclusion of farm products into ration and products from own garden would be better. Or sort of making a curtsey to forests, fields and rivers, generally being appropriate scenery for picnics and entertainment. But if we divert our attention from material daily routine which makes the same concept of nature primitive and prosaic, then our view will be turned somewhere further, beyond the horizon, it will embrace beauty of the many-sided world around. Or it may immerse inside, into own soul, to search there for response to great cosmic processes. The entire living world around us from the smallest germ to the living planet Earth is an integral, complex system penetrated with united quantum strings which are in harmonious dynamic balance. And could we really see ourselves as something separate, “alien”, dividing our breath from breath of the entire living world on our planet?”

Great ancient thinkers knew this. They always tried to carry out their spiritual practices qi gong, contemplation of the world around in the wilderness, in beautiful spirited places away from people’s fuss. This enabled them to vanish in surrounding magnificence, to enter into resonance with elements of power, to resonate with their spiritual impulses. Would we like it or not, but we are inseparably tied with nature both spiritually and physically. Cyclic change of seasons, day and night are in the picture of internal cycles of humans. As any living creature on our planet, a human organism has to tune its physiological processes uninterruptedly with a wave of external changes of the surrounding medium in order to keep steady metabolism and not to get sick. No matter how we try to fence ourselves off changeable climate with increasingly comfortable life conditions and functional clothes, we have to interact with nature in any way. Even more, communication with nature is necessary for us to support our life and health. And it is an undeniable truth.

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