“Ingredients of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Zhong Yao Xue.

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  1. Treatment with the use of ingredients in TCM – zhong yi. History of development, bibliography.
  2. Medicinal raw materials in TCM. Location, collection rules, types and purposes of processing.
  3. Properties and nature of TCM ingredients. “Five tastes” and “four characters.” A systematic approach to the classification of ingredients. Theory of holism and “resonance theory”. Principles of unity in nature.
  4. Force of action of the ingredients.
  5. Ways and mechanisms of action of ingredients.
  6. Tropism to the meridians.
  7. Principles of combination of ingredients.
  8. Dosage of ingredients in recipes.
  9. Modern classification of TCM ingredients by their mechanism of action. The key value of certain ingredients in recipes.
  10. Carrying out some parallels between the action of Western and Chinese medicines.
  11. Ingredients inducing sweat (“opening the outer”):

– sharp and warm

– sharp and cold

  1. Ingredients that remove heat:

– cleansing heat and fire

– removing heat and dehumidifying damp

– cleansing heat and cooling blood

– removing empty heat

  1. Laxative ingredients:

– strong (“cold”) laxatives

– Moisturizing laxatives

– “nourishing” laxatives

  1. Ingredients that remove the wind and dampness
  2. Aromatic, damp-moving medicines
  3. Ingredients removing damp by diuresis
  4. Medicines warming up inside
  5. Ingredients that move qi
  6. Medicines that improve digestion
  7. Medicines that drive out parasites
  8. Ingredients that stop blood
  9. Ingredients moving blood and clean up blood stasis
  10. Ingredients removing phlegm, stop coughing, calming choking:

– removing phlegm

– stop coughing, calming asthma

  1. Medications that soothe the “spirit”
  2. Medications that soothe the liver and calming the wind
  3. “Reviving” medicines (awakening consciousness)
  4. Nourishing medicines:

– adding qi

– adding yang

– adding blood

– adding yin.

  1. Astringent ingredients
  2. Medications that induce vomiting