Oksana Nachataia. “Tropism of natural ingredients of TCM”.

Everything is interconnected in nature. Every manifestation of life has a specific purpose and reason. All living beings on the planet constitute a single matter, and one cannot exist without the other. Bacteria, fungi and plants are able to take qi directly from the sun, air, soil and water. Then they become food for other organisms. Thus food chains are formed. That is one living organism – it is food for another living organism. Just one living organism – it is a medicine for another.

 What is a tropism? Biochemical substance of the one organism, for example plant, (or, at least an inorganic substance) is perfectly suited for some concrete biochemical process in another organism. As the key to the lock. Western medicine in the last 30 years, only closer to the realization of tropism, creating, for example, selective drugs that act on specific receptors or targeted therapy.

In Chinese medicine tropism presented extensively and in detail. Professor Wei Yu Qi singled out several options tropism laws, as well as the mechanisms of action of herbs that are based on the observation of natural processes in the environment. More precisely, the principle of “look similar”.

  1. The substances with a similar action. For example, an earth worm has the effect of Tong Luo. It improves the patency of the meridian, eliminate obstacles to the passage of nerve impulses, treats the effects of stroke, injuries, contractures, adhesions and the like. What does a worm in nature? He has the ability to penetrate tunnels in hard soil. Its obvious similarity of properties in both cases. Obviously, the worm has certain biochemical substances that provide these properties. These substances work in humans.
  2. Substances with the opposite effect. For example, a group of ingredients absorbable seal. It is used in the body for sucking the different nodes, benign tumors, seals, hematomas, for the treatment of cirrhosis, with increasing size and compaction liver and spleen tissue. This group of ingredients is represented mainly by ingredients with solid properties. For example, the shells of mollusks, shells of turtles, very hard tubers of some plants. How does it work? Let’s imagine a turtle grows and development in nature. The processes of “curing” her body happens actively, as well the formation of armor, tough body skin. However, this process must be controlled by something. Otherwise, uncontrolled curing will cause the turtle just turn into stone. According to the assumptions of Professor Wei Yu Qi it is the “substance – controllers” or “anti-substances” which work in the human body, dissolving nodes, tumors and seals. This is a real challenge for researchers. To identify these anti-substances is a means to understand the processes underlying the therapeutic effects of the natural ingredients of TCM.

Another example – substances that remove “mucous” phlegm. Specific examples of these groups are algae. In its habitat seaweeds themselves are very slippery and slimy. And just to maintain the balance they need as controlling agent to algae still retained the elasticity and not become a mucus entirely. Again it can be assumed that these controlling substance and will have a therapeutic effect in the body.

  1. Similar shaped parts of the body. “Branches have tropism to the branches.” A large number of young shoots and branches of trees to improve the permeability of the meridians and treat “feng shi bin” (diseases of joints and muscles). For example, sang zhi, gui zhi, song jie, luo shi teng, sang ji sheng and many others. In Chinese medicine four limbs are named “si ni” that means “four branches”.

Seed kernels have tropism to the lymph nodes (ju he, li zhi he).

Peel plant has tropism for the skin. For example, the recipe «Wu pi san» (decoction of five skin).

  1. Widely known postulate that “flowers tropic to the upper jiao, fruits and stems to the middle, and the roots to the bottom.”
  2. Minerals, as a “heavy”, tighten the spirit inside – have a calming effect.
  3. In Tibetan medicine, else there is a tropism in terms color of ingredients to each of the “body” of a person – physical (yellow), water (blue), ether (green) and “mental” (red), and experienced TCM doctors also use it. For example indigo has property to make blood cooler (liang xue).
  • This algorithm allows you to define a new perspective for the research of TCM ingredients to bring the experience of TCM to the evidence-based medicine. To know what to look for and what kind of substance to allocate.
  • This system allows to predict what action can be expected on concrete ingredient, it is depending on part – seeds, or branches, or solid part of the animal origin. In recent years, China has carried out research on the discovery of new, yet unexplored properties of already known ingredients. And the results were not long in coming. Ku shen, zi hua di din – anti-cancer properties, yu xing cao, bai Jiang cao – antiviral activity to hepatitis C, and so on.
  • It is possible to continue filling the system with new examples, to understand the deep laws of TCM as a natural medicine, particularly based on hieroglyphs. Many hieroglyphs mean the names of herbs. These names have revealed the true mechanism of action in humans.
  • It is possible to find solutions for the treatment of already new, “modern” diseases with the help of Chinese ingredients. For example, for the treatment of drug addiction on tranquilizers and other psychotropic drugs are used cooling ingredients blood and expelling the poison (liang xue jie du) such as bai hua she she cao, chi shao, mu dan pi, dai mao, shui niu jiao, yin chen hao, yu jin and so on.