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Oksana Nachataia. Yang Sheng Xue as a variant of ancient biohacking.

Dear friends! Seeing how my friends are interested in bio-hacking, and what discrepancies are there in Western medicine about this, I decided to share my thoughts and thoughts of my teachers in terms of the concept of Yang Sheng and proximity to this topic. As I know, Yang Sheng subject is taught at almost all medical universities in China, but only for foreigners. It is believed that Chinese students do not need to listen to this course, as they receive the necessary knowledge through osmosis. While at Tianjin University, I also took this course. As you know, in the literal translation, “yang sheng” means “to nourish the nascent .” Developing over the centuries, to date, this doctrine is a set of certain rules regarding all aspects of human life – nutrition, climate, labor and rest, interaction with the outside world, sleep and wakefulness, and so on. This ancient knowledge of how to avoid disease and postponed and alleviate old age has existed in the Chinese people since ancient times. As is known, Yang Sheng system concerns not only maintaining the health of the body, but also maintaining mental health, nurturing the mind and spirit. Eastern medicine believes that man is organically integrated into the surrounding nature, is part of a single living matter, which cyclically changes according to its specific laws, using the energy of the Sun and the Earth. We know that some living organisms are food for us, others are medicine. Not to mention the closest connection with the innumerable bacteria living in our body, with which we mutually beneficially coexist. The so-called microbiota, which is now being actively studied. This holistic theory is rooted in the Taoist doctrine of the cyclical transformation of all life on earth, when, observing the laws of nature, a person can achieve longevity. Therefore, the phrase “Living in harmony with nature” in Chinese medicine is filled with rich and detailed content.

We do not think aboun that when buying a vacuum cleaner or a car, before using it, we always carefully read the operating instructions. Such an instruction usually recommends special consumables for this particular device, describes the modes in which the device will work for as long as possible and will not break. If you look from these positions, then we, in our own way, are also bio-“devices” subject to wear and tear and “breakdowns”. So, figuratively speaking, the teachings of YAN SHEN are precisely such detailed instructions on how to treat the human organism so that “breakdowns” occur as rarely as possible, and the life span is as long as possible.

It’s no secret that the rhythm of life has recently accelerated several times. We are so busy, we feel a lack of time for anything, that the motto “no time to be sick” has become almost an axiom. After all, our very life has changed and is changing further with the development of technology and progress. Therefore, we rely on pills. And doctors polish their art in such a way that they combine medicines to somehow support a person, while he doesn’t think about when and what to eat, what time to go to bed, what season to travel, and what season is better to stay at home, and so on. In the ancient Eastern tradition, everything is different. The YAN SHEN system operates on the principle of “water sharpening a stone” – that is, the strength of a habit plays a huge role. And if at the age of 45 a person is chronically lacking strength, or he is infinitely sick, this does not mean that he is not taking enough medicines. In TCM, this means that he destroys his body in his own lifestyle, either under the yoke of “tyranny of an commitment” (by Karen Horney. “Neurosis of personality development”) spends a lot of energy to achieve false goals, or he lives in a climate that is too harsh or just inappropriate. And here, from general banal phrases, Chinese medicine moves to a clear and concrete specificity – what exactly needs to be changed for a person in nutrition, relationships with others, relaxation, occupation, and indeed in his thoughts, on a priority scale, to rectify the situation. Moreover, recommendations for restoring health will be strictly individual for each person. This is achieved by the theory and diagnosis of TCM, which constitutes a holistic view of the human body and its “weak links”. Of course, Western medicine has deciphered the human genome, and it can also say a lot about a predisposition to diseases. But here’s how to avoid the disease – here Chinese medicine will give clear recommendations. Therefore, two medical systems complement each other more and more.

It is pleasant to realize that in recent decades in the Western world there has been a huge demand for health, active longevity and the knowledge that will allow this to be achieved. A lot of research is being done on a healthy lifestyle. And if earlier two medical systems sometimes gave diametrically opposite, conflicting recommendations, today approaches to a healthy lifestyle and ways to extend active longevity are getting closer and closer.

Since 1993, when aging was discussed in Canada at a major international congress, it was accepted that old age is a disease and the result of disease, it is a pathology that can be corrected, unlike earlier ideas, when aging was considered a natural norm.

Everyone knows that in ancient China, the salary of a doctor depended on the number of healthy people in his area, but not on the number of cured patients. Probably, the ancient Chinese doctor was one of the first biohackers, and he gave recommendations to people right from the moment of birth. That is why the notion that Chinese medicine helps very well in the early stages of the disease is rooted. This just follows from the concept of YANG SHEN.