Principles of treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

Arterial hypertension, chronic cerebral ischemia, encephalopathy.

Liver diseases and peculiarities of treatment from the positions of TCM (viral, toxic hepatitis, steatosis, chronic intoxications, treatment with decoctions and individual “wan yao”).

Pain in the lower back, pain in the joints.

Headache (including pain in sinusitis, sinusitis, headache with a feeling of cold).


Diabetes. Physiology and pathology of diabetes 1 and 2 types from the position of TCM. Approaches to treatment. Combination with drugs of Western medicine.

Metabolic syndrome and obesity. Combination of TCM methods with modern methods of treatment, correction of lifestyle from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

Dysmenorrhea. Infertility at female and male.

Chronic diarrhea (including accompanying treatment of patients with ulcerative colitis by TCM methods).

Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, (optional autoimmune thyroiditis, adjuvant support for oncology of the thyroid gland).

Edema. Differential diagnosis of syndromes.

Cough. Differential diagnosis of syndromes.

Differences in the approaches to the treatment of modern nosological forms and to the treatment of the patient’s complaint using TCM.

Modern features of Chinese medicine in connection with the change in the profile of morbidity and lifestyle of patients.

The influence of cognitive fatigue, volitional and emotional stress on human health from the position of TCM, the possibility of correction with the help of TCM methods.

Combination of methods of Chinese and Western medicine, correspondence of TCM with modern requirements for medicine (4P medicine).