Проф. Вэй Ю Чи, О.В.Начатая, студенты Тяньцзинского Университета передают образец гриба Фу Лин

Professor WEI YU QI. (1939-2014)

Professor WEI YU QI is the famous legendary practitioner who specialized in the treatment of diseases of the liver, brain, thyroid, autoimmune diseases and cancer. He worked in Tianjin University of TCM developed a system of treatment of viral, alcoholic and toxic hepatitis. He used practical recipes from Chinese medicinal ingredients, developed a system of “stable combinations” of plants. Especially he successfully used practical recipes for “tang yao” and individual multi-pill “wan yao” for the treatment of complex comorbidity with both existing syndromes of excess and deficiency. He was well-known Tibetan medicine. He used in his practice techniques such as Tibetan and Chinese medicine, which complement each other in certain diseases.

In the first photo there is a family meeting – Vladimir Nachatoy, Oksana Nachataia, Professor Wei Yu Qi and his wife. In the second photo, Professor Wei Yu Qi presents a sample of the huge mushroom «fu ling» to Tianjin University at the festival dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the University in 2008.

He was a devout Buddhist. In the last years of his life he made an expedition to Tibet, where he studied in detail the unique Tibetan stones with special properties, as published an illustrated book. His book is on the pictures.